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Sports Almanac pedal
Sports Almanac pedal
Sports Almanac pedal

Sports Almanac pedal

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Our Sports Almanac pedal is here.

Almost every effect we make is available to install inside your Sports Almanac.  Real book cover and internal metal case.


Dimensions:  pedal size options

Mini book- 6" x 5" (15cm x 12cm)


Pedal specs 

  • Highly detailed true to scale book made with metal case
  • 9-volt input jack- center neg, adaptor not included 
  • Stomp switches- true bypass
  • 100% hand-wired
  • Color changing LED light
  • Premium switches


 Optional effect choices and controls-  links to sound and effect pages for demos.

  • Fuzz(pickle fuzz) -mini book
  • DarkKnight Distortion(RAT style)- mini book
  • HighGain Distortion(Acapulco Gold style)- mini book
  • Clean Booster  - mini book 
  • Dirty Booster  - mini book
  • Reverb(RevLorean Digital) - mini book (Decay, Reverb, and Blend)
  • Overdrive(Tubescreamer inspired)- mini book
  • Delay(Delayrean) mini book
  • Tremolo 2 knob- mini book
  • Sustainer/Compressor -mini book
  • Sustainer/Compressor plus -large book
  • Auto Wah- mini book ( Attack, Range and Sensitivity)
  • Treble boost- mini book
  • Theremin- mini book ( Volume, Blend, and Octave switch)





    Coming soon, more effects!

    • Preamp pedal
    • Custom effect



      • Limited release 


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