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1989 Boostmobile pedal
1989 Boostmobile pedal
1989 Boostmobile pedal

1989 Boostmobile pedal

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1989 Boostmobile pedal


Our 1989 Boostmobile pedal will give you tons of clean boost when you need that extra edge without changing your tone. Plenty of headroom for cranking your amp. Tube or digital amps work great with this pedal.


Other effect options are available. 

  • Distortion
  • Fuzz
  • Dirty Boost

 Optional: Stereo output 


Why do I need a boost pedal?



  • Controls will include the level knob.
  • Priority shipping!
  • Highly detailed true to  scale vehicle made with die-cast metal parts
  • 9-volt negative input (power supply not included) 
  • 1/4" input - 1/4" output
  • Headlight/Taillights LEDs
  • Stomp Switch- on/off
  • True Bypass
  • 100% hand-wired and hand-built
  • Pure Tone stereo output (optional)


Limited built: not mass-produced


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