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Eyeball pedal 👀
Eyeball pedal 👀
Eyeball pedal 👀

Eyeball pedal 👀

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Eyeball pedal


Introducing the latest innovation from VVCO Pedal, the Eyeball Pedal. This spine-tingling effect pedal is designed to take your guitar and bass playing to a whole new level, adding an eerie, otherworldly vibe to your sound. The Eyeball Pedal is not just a piece of gear; it's an invitation to explore the mysterious and supernatural realms of music.


Other effect options are available. 

  • Ghastly Distortion( AP-Gold style)
  • Fuzz(Pickle Fuzz)
  • Dirty Boost
  • Clean Boost
  • Otherworldly Delay (Dealyrean style)
  • Tremolo
  • Compressor(orange squeeze)
  • SRV overdrive
  • Klon Overdrive
  • Fuzz Big Muff 1969
  • Vico Vibe
  • Hogs Foot Bass Boost
  • DOD 250 Overdrive
  • Univox Uni comp
  • Theremin 1



  • Controls will include the volume knob, etc.
  • Highly detailed plastic enclosure.
  • 9-volt negative input (power supply not included) 
  • 1/4" input - 1/4" output
  • Eyeball LED
  • Stomp Switch- on/off
  • True Bypass
  • 100% hand-wired and hand-built 


Limited built: not mass-produced


The eyeball opens and closes when the stomp switch is pushed.

Background FX sound has been disconnected. Pedal functions normally.


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