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AfterLife pedal
AfterLife pedal
AfterLife pedal
AfterLife pedal
AfterLife pedal
AfterLife pedal

AfterLife pedal

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 AfterLife pedal

Designed with a shredder/lead guitarist in mind. A streamlined looked with tons of tone. Nothing too complicated to operate, just switch/dial and volume.

Of course for the people that need to have more control, internally they can adjust the gain, level, or bias for the effect with mini trim pots located on the circuit board.

 Internally it has 4 different analog effect circuits inside. It is 4 high-end boutique pedals in one custom enclosure. 

Each effect circuit was inspired by either a vintage effect or a modern effect.

Your tone will never be the same after you plug into this pedal.


  • Controls - 4-way dial and volume knob.
               🌪-Vintage distortion(inspired by DS-1)
               🌩-Modern distortion(inspired by RAT or VVco's DarkKnight)
               ☀️- Modern Fuzz(VVco's Pickle Fuzz)
               ⭐️-Vintage fuzz (inspired by Maestro Fuzz)



    • Internal Controls- trim pots gain, bias level.
    • 9-volt center-neg input (power supply not included) 100 mA minimum 
    • 1/4" input - 1/4" output
    • Stomp Switch- on/off
    • True Bypass
    • 100% hand-wired and hand-built
    • 100% Solid Aircraft Aluminum Machined enclosure(not die-casted)
    • Anodized color for increase durability - Black Space and  Grey Night
    • Laser engraved artwork, front, and back.
    • On/off  color-changing 
  • LED
  • Size- 7.5"(19cm) x 3.5" (9cm)






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