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Pedal Support/FAQ/Repairs/Warranty

Tips, tricks and common issues with effects pedals.




VVco Pedals is a small independent business, we do our very best to make sure our customers are happy and taken care of before and after their purchases. Of course we can't make everyone happy and sometimes expectations cannot be met.

VVco Pedals with accept returns up to 3 days after your order is received. Products must be returned in good condition, with original packaging and working.

A 20% restocking fee will be subtracted from your refund,. Email for support.

 Shipping charges will not be refunded and customer is responsible for any new shipping fees.



All VVco pedals are guaranteed a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Our pedals are built by hand and will still need repair and service from time to time. Please contacts us for any help or issues that may arise.



 Why am I getting more noise with my new pedal?






Power, what is it and how it works. 




Short video on building a pedal board and effects chain. 




Boost pedals, great tips.

"Why You NEED Boost Pedals"




Compression 101 by JHS, great video. 



5 Ways to Power Your Pedals