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Reach Out!

If you are an artist, or a business that would like to collaborate with us please reach out.  

Here at VVco Pedals we love to partner with Artist and great people that believe in our products. We want to support artists, their talents and hard work we just can't give everyone free gear.

We are a small growing business. If we invest in an artist, it has to be for real and we expect to be supported in kind.

If you have a large social media following, or can help us with content, graphics, designs, business marketing or can help get the word out about VVco Peals we would love to hear from you.  

 If not, please do not ask, we are nice people and hate saying no.  

We also need help with, business applications, like finance, legal, admin, bookkeeping, website updates, and procurement.  

If you feel you can help out please contact us today!

Thank you for understanding and time.

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