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RoboTone pedal
RoboTone pedal
RoboTone pedal

RoboTone pedal

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Introducing the VVco RoboTone,

An innovative and cutting-edge effects pedal that encapsulates the spirit of the iconic 1987 movie, "RoboCop." Designed for guitarists and musicians who seek to infuse their performances with a futuristic and cybernetic edge, the RoboTone delivers a range of versatile and powerful effects that bring the essence of the legendary law enforcement cyborg to your music.

Unleash the power of OCP's cutting-edge technology with an array of features that guarantee an unforgettable sonic experience.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail and sound quality, the RoboTone features a sturdy construction and true bypass switching, ensuring durability and clarity in your signal chain. Its user-friendly interface allows you to easily navigate through the various effects and dial in your desired parameters, while the LED indicator illuminates to signify active engagement.


The RoboTone offers a selection of distinct sound effects inspired by the movie's iconic elements, including:

  1. Robo Generator effect- a modulation Robot tone.  8-bit arpeggiator, lo-fi pitch transposer/fuzz generator.                                                                                                
  2. ED-209 Cannon Blast: An explosive distortion that delivers the force of ED-209's lethal firepower, unleashing a wall of gritty, intense tones.

  3. Delta City Delay: Transport your sound through time with the Delta City-inspired delay, offering versatile delay times and pristine echoes.

  4. Prime Directives Reverb: Immerse your music in an ethereal ambiance with the Prime Directives reverb, offering a range of spaces from desolate streets to bustling metropolises.

  5. Cyborg Chorus: Experience the harmonic depth of the Cyborg Chorus, adding a touch of metallic brilliance to your melodies.

  6. Robo-Pulse Tremolo: Infuse your rhythms with the pulsating precision of RoboCop's heart, creating dynamic and rhythmic patterns.

  7. The I'd Buy That for a Dollar Overdrive- Over the top with greasy tones.            
  8. Murphy Clean boost- Full of life and transparent boost for your tone.                
  9. The Dirty  Dick Jones boost- Just a dirtbag of a boost with all the grit and edge you need.
  10. Anne Lewis Fuzz- Our most trusted fuzz, it will never let you down. One knob control.



  • Highly detailed true to  scale vehicle made with die-cast metal parts
  • 9-volt negative input (power supply not included) 
  • 1/4" input - 1/4" output
  • Stomp Switch- on/off
  • True Bypass
  • 100% hand-wired and hand-built
  • Dimensions are approximately L-9.5, W-3.25, H-1.75 inches.


Limited built- not mass-produced



An OCP (Omni Consumer Products) Corp.

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